Infographic Resume with Google Charts API

I find the concept of an infographic resume fascinating and quite possibly the most revolutionary idea in resumes since laser printing. So, I have created my first i-resume using the Google Charts API. As a web developer, using a Google API to create a resume makes sense. As a candidate with a long history of database administration, I needed something sublime and not flamboyant. I think I may have gone too sublime on this first […] Makes Your LinkedIn Look Good

If you have decades of experience, it can be difficult to represent the depth of your knowledge on a resume without boring the reader to sleep. Infographic resumes bridge the gap between the proverbial 1,000 words for a picture and the time constraints of a hiring manager. is a Toronto-based startup that uses your LinkedIn information to create an infographic resume. If you’ve been looking for an edge in the job market, this may […]