Updated OracleAED on RiaForge.com

I am very pleased to announce the initial alpha release of a complete rewrite of my OracleAED for ColdFusion. What makes this tool unique is that it’s not a code generator. It actually exposes schema tables for viewing and editing. New features include a grid view, a first/next/prev/last view, schema-wide editing and foreign key select boxes. This is an alpha release because there is still work to be done on items such as adding pagination […]

Spry Proof-of-Concept

I’ll post details later, but basically this uses Adobe Labs’ Spry AJAX framework to process a single xml file. The goal was to provide a searchable catalog from a single file. The plan is to augment this with catalog images, more data to search and maybe even a pretty interface. I will say that Adobe could’ve saved me about 6 hours of frustration if they would’ve mentioned the subPaths constructor option for nested xml datasets… […]

ColdFusion Sentence Case

I wanted to normalize text entered by users so that I could collect stats. So I SQL’d something like this… select count(1) as total, upper(nvl(resp,’NO RESPONSE’)) as resp from forms.form_field_resp where ffid=#id# group by upper(nvl(resp,’NO RESPONSE’)) order by total desc But I didn’t want to display the text in all CAPS BECAUSE THAT’S PRETTY DANG ANNOYING. So I rigged this to set the very first character to upper case and then replace every character after […]