Using a DBLink in Oracle to Connect to an IBM DB2 Database

I’ve been working with Oracle since version 8.0 and have wanted to be able to select * from some.table@db2 within Oracle since version 8.0. The technology has existed but it was never easy enough for me. There were heterogeneous services which sounds pleasant but I never could get it to work. So, I’ve worked through 8i, 9i, 10g and finally 11g. In 11g I’ve finally made the connection. Literally.

H2 support added to AED project on RiaForge

I’m in the final stages of adding support for H2 databases to the OracleAED project hosted on RiaForge. This is really quite exciting to me because the project is growing beyond support for Oracle databases. The H2 database is also exciting in it’s own right. I’ve found it to be easy to use and rich with features that young database engines just don’t have like drop column and the data dictionary (INFORMATION_SCHEMA) made adding H2 […]

H2 and Database GUI for Linux

So, as I mentioned before, I have a VirtualBox setup with H2 and Open BlueDragon. I have been very impressed with H2 and the H2 web console. However, I was looking for a database gui to see what I have in my head on the screen. I tried Oracle SQLDeveloper since it’s my home court, but I had trouble getting the JDBC driver for H2 to work inside SQLDev. Enter DbVisualizer []. DbVis, the free […]

VirtualBox, Fedora15, OpenBD and H2

I just need to take a minute or two and speak favorably of a handful of software. VirtualBox – makes it insanely easy to run an OS inside an OS. Fedora 15 – feel the love. OpenBD – Open source. Cold Fusion. Linux. H2 – it’s supported in OpenBD and the more I use it the more I like it.