Quick Tip: CouchDB-Lucene Function for Indexing Arrays and Attachments

CouchDB-Lucene is a powerful search engine that can index CouchDB documents and attachments. The example below indexes a database that contains documents from an imaginary items catalog. Each item in the catalog has parts that make up the item. Each part has a part name and part number. Each item document can also have attachments such as MS-Word documents that contain instructions or user manuals or engineering diagrams. For example, an item might be a cell phone which contains […]

CouchDB User Manager App

Using Futon to manage CouchDB users is fairly straightforward. There’s a few caveats when adding a new user or adding roles to a user or changing a user’s password.  So, I set out to create a CouchApp to help manage users through a basic interface.  The source is available on GitHub. 

HTML Form Data to CouchDB Document with Attachment

This post represents the first steps towards creating a web-enabled document repository. In other words, this is the initial test of a proof-of-concept. The goal of this initial step is to create a record in CouchDB and attach a document to it. For me, being new to NoSQL, this started out much harder than I thought it should be. With any luck, I can clear up some of my confusion that you might experience.

Part 4: Railo+MariaDB on Fedora 20 on a Windows Host with VirtualBox

This fourth article in the series will introduce a few ColdFusion tags and demonstrate how to use ColdFusion to select database records. The next article will demonstrate how to insert, update and delete records. The first article in this series demonstrated how to setup a Fedora 20 VM. The second article discussed installing MariaDB on the VM. The third article illustrated installing Railo and connecting to the MariaDB datasource.