Quick Tip: Web Design Field Manual

The Web Design Field Manual (http://webfieldmanual.com)  might well be the only bookmark you will ever need as a web developer. Ok, maybe not the only bookmark, but certainly a very useful one. The Web Design Field Manual contains links to useful tools and inspirational sites. The site is divided into eight sections including: Inspiration, Style Guides, Process, Workflow, Toolbox, Grids and Typography, Best Practices and Accessibility. About the only thing missing is a general section […]

Unslider RSS Carousel

Using Unslider (http://unslider.com) as an RSS-based photo carousel works well with Google’s Picasa Web Albums but not that well with Flickr and Tumblr primarily because of the RSS feeds. The Picasa RSS feed features several attributes that can be used to display full size images. However, Flickr and Tumblr, use standard RSS feed attributes that only display a thumbnail and description for each post. In my Unslider test (http://the-fennells.org/unslider.html view source for the code), I pull an RSS […]