Quick Tip: CouchDB-Lucene Function for Indexing Arrays and Attachments

CouchDB-Lucene is a powerful search engine that can index CouchDB documents and attachments. The example below indexes a database that contains documents from an imaginary items catalog. Each item in the catalog has parts that make up the item. Each part has a part name and part number. Each item document can also have attachments such as MS-Word documents that contain instructions or user manuals or engineering diagrams. For example, an item might be a cell phone which contains […]

CouchDB User Manager App

Using Futon to manage CouchDB users is fairly straightforward. There’s a few caveats when adding a new user or adding roles to a user or changing a user’s password.  So, I set out to create a CouchApp to help manage users through a basic interface.  The source is available on GitHub. 

HTML Form Data to CouchDB Document with Attachment

This post represents the first steps towards creating a web-enabled document repository. In other words, this is the initial test of a proof-of-concept. The goal of this initial step is to create a record in CouchDB and attach a document to it. For me, being new to NoSQL, this started out much harder than I thought it should be. With any luck, I can clear up some of my confusion that you might experience.