This Blog is NOT Dead

In case you were wondering, I am still here. I have been busy with an Oracle EBS upgrade to R12.2 for the past year. While there has been a drought of articles here, I have several in progress for installing and integrating the new Oracle Universal Directory (OUD) with Oracle Directory Integration Platform (ODIP) and R12.2 EBS to allow users to login with Active Directory (AD) credentials. I hope to have those articles ready in […]


It literally took me less than 30 minutes to convert a 5 year old Inspiron laptop running FC17 into a wifi ap using hostapd. I used yum to install the software (yum install hostapd dhcp dhcp-*) and then edited the hostapd.conf file and issued the hostapd /path/to/conf/file to start things up and then we were live. The signal is strong and performance is consistent with the WRT-54G router that’s been running for seven years. Now, […]

Way Off Topic

I usually reserve this blog for computer-related topics such as Oracle and ColdFusion and JavaScript. However, I want to share with you the transformation of my planted freshwater aquarium after I moved it off of a high-output, 130W compact florescent fixture and onto a mixture of old-tech T-8 florescent bulbs and new-tech LED strip light. The changes are cataloged in a facebook album. I mixed the two technologies because florescent bulbs give a nice warm […]

Updated OracleAED on

I am very pleased to announce the initial alpha release of a complete rewrite of my OracleAED for ColdFusion. What makes this tool unique is that it’s not a code generator. It actually exposes schema tables for viewing and editing. New features include a grid view, a first/next/prev/last view, schema-wide editing and foreign key select boxes. This is an alpha release because there is still work to be done on items such as adding pagination […]