CouchDB on Suse VM in Azure For Less Than $100/month (Part 5 of 5)

In this final post of the series, the design views in CouchDB will be used to populate heat maps and show near real-time device location. The code for the maps is hosted at GitHub ( The mapping code uses the following libraries: heatmap.js v2.0.0 by Patrick Wied (, LeafletJS ( SimpleHeat ( jQuery This post will not discuss the code used to produce the heat maps but will show how the pages render in the browser. Introduction […]

CouchDB User Manager App

Using Futon to manage CouchDB users is fairly straightforward. There’s a few caveats when adding a new user or adding roles to a user or changing a user’s password.  So, I set out to create a CouchApp to help manage users through a basic interface.  The source is available on GitHub. 

HTML Form Data to CouchDB Document with Attachment

This post represents the first steps towards creating a web-enabled document repository. In other words, this is the initial test of a proof-of-concept. The goal of this initial step is to create a record in CouchDB and attach a document to it. For me, being new to NoSQL, this started out much harder than I thought it should be. With any luck, I can clear up some of my confusion that you might experience.

Unslider RSS Carousel

Using Unslider ( as an RSS-based photo carousel works well with Google’s Picasa Web Albums but not that well with Flickr and Tumblr primarily because of the RSS feeds. The Picasa RSS feed features several attributes that can be used to display full size images. However, Flickr and Tumblr, use standard RSS feed attributes that only display a thumbnail and description for each post. In my Unslider test ( view source for the code), I pull an RSS […]

Resume with Bootstrap and Google Chart APIs on GitHub

I have changed my infographic resume to use Bootstrap along with the Google Chart APIs and then created a repo for it on GitHub. The new resume is available here. All of this was done in a Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine running Fedora 19 with the 3.13.5-101 64-bit kernel. The document was created using nano and the repository was created, committed and pushed using git commands in a terminal window. Yes, I have a passion […]