Infographic Resume with Google Charts API

I find the concept of an infographic resume fascinating and quite possibly the most revolutionary idea in resumes since laser printing. So, I have created my first i-resume using the Google Charts API. As a web developer, using a Google API to create a resume makes sense. As a candidate with a long history of database administration, I needed something sublime and not flamboyant. I think I may have gone too sublime on this first […]

Quick Tip: Oracle REGEXP_REPLACE

I’ve always thought of regular expressions as party tricks used at a Magna Cum Laude party at MIT. I still do. Regular expressions are a mystery wrapped in enigma and set in a field shrouded in a thick mental fog. Unfortunately, I occasionally need to venture into that party in the foggy field to retrieve a domain name from a URL for example. select REGEXP_REPLACE(‘’,’.+:\/\/([^/]+).*’, ‘\1’) from dual You can also do this in JavaScript… […]


I frequently have to take information from spreadsheets and insert it into a database. I prefer not to insert numeric data into generic text fields. I would rather have data that is strongly typed. It’s harder to run a sum() or avg() function on a text column. Tired of manually replacing bad characters in number fields and converting XLS to CSV to an import or loader utility, I cobbled together some JavaScript to do my […]

Spry Proof-of-Concept

I’ll post details later, but basically this uses Adobe Labs’ Spry AJAX framework to process a single xml file. The goal was to provide a searchable catalog from a single file. The plan is to augment this with catalog images, more data to search and maybe even a pretty interface. I will say that Adobe could’ve saved me about 6 hours of frustration if they would’ve mentioned the subPaths constructor option for nested xml datasets… […]