Intro: SSO for EBS R12

There are four essential components to enabling Active Directory (AD) logins to Oracle EBS R12 including: Identity Management (IDM), Unified Directory (OUD), Access Manager (OAM) and Access Manager WebGate. Only the WebGate is installed on the EBS application tier. IDM uses Directory Integration Platform (DIP) to integrate AD users into OUD. OAM handles requests from the WebGate on EBS to authenticate AD users in OUD. IDM, OUD and OAM each require a WebLogic server (WLS). If all […]

This Blog is NOT Dead

In case you were wondering, I am still here. I have been busy with an Oracle EBS upgrade to R12.2 for the past year. While there has been a drought of articles here, I have several in progress for installing and integrating the new Oracle Universal Directory (OUD) with Oracle Directory Integration Platform (ODIP) and R12.2 EBS to allow users to login with Active Directory (AD) credentials. I hope to have those articles ready in […]

Node.js + Express + Redis = Web Service

The goal is to provide real-time information from Redis Cache via Node.js to web clients. The data include temperature, ozone levels and humidity, collected from devices in various regions. A sample record: key: be65-429a-8706a:region2 value: [{“id”:”be65-429a-8706a:region2″,”x”:175.1319,”y”:174.3768,”ts”:”Thu Oct 15 2015 14:03:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)”,”temp”:”32.7″,”humidity”:”87.2″,”o3ppm”:”0.420″}] For this demonstration, I used openSUSE 13.2 x86-64 on a single core VM with 1.75GB of RAM and installed Node.js v4.2 via zypper. I also installed redis version 3.0.4 for local testing, but the […]

UPDATE: Azure VMs and CouchDB

After experimenting with the limits of Azure VMs and CouchDB based on my articles, I determined that the best practice should be to create disks to attach to the VM. The CouchDB data files should be stored on the attached disks. A terabyte of storage costs just over $50/month. ( Attaching a new storage disk can be done in the Azure portal by navigating to the All Settings link for a VM, clicking on the […]

CouchDB on Suse VM in Azure For Less Than $100/month (Part 1 of 5)

The following outlines a series of posts designed to walk readers through building and benchmarking a reasonably cheap, fast and reliable location tracking app using CouchDB on an OpenSUSE VM in the Azure cloud. This first installment will introduce the project. Introduction Goals Cheap, Fast, Reliable Eventual Consistency Installation Create VM Installs SSH Security Capture VM Client Code Create Databases Create Benchmark/Testing Code Create Views Start Replication Cron Jobs Performance Tweaks stale=update_after CouchDB local.ini mods […]