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Fedora in your pocket…

It’s too easy to run Linux these days. You can have a fully functional operating system complete with browsers, productivity suites, games and more on a USB drive with LiveUSB Creator from Fedora. It’s not watered down. It’s not just a command line. It’s everything you could possibly need to be productive.

You can use this just to test out Linux and see if you like it.
You can use the persistent storage feature to create a portable, personalized system. Plug it in, boot to USB and when you’re done all of your data goes back in your pocket without leaving a trace on the computer.
You can also use it to install Linux.

I currently use LiveUSB Creator to install Linux on a 5+ year old Dell Inspiron 6000. This is a laptop that was “Designed for Windows XP.” The hardware is too slow for all the new firewall and virus protection needed to run Windows. However, it’s very fast when running Linux. I frequently have Firefox (web), Thunderbird (e-mail), Open Office documents, and other programs running simultaneously without a problem.

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