Fedora in your pocket…

It’s too easy to run Linux these days. You can have a fully functional operating system complete with browsers, productivity suites, games and more on a USB drive with LiveUSB Creator from Fedora. It’s not watered down. It’s not just a command line. It’s everything you could possibly need to be productive. You can use this just to test out Linux and see if you like it. You can use the persistent storage feature to […]


I frequently have to take information from spreadsheets and insert it into a database. I prefer not to insert numeric data into generic text fields. I would rather have data that is strongly typed. It’s harder to run a sum() or avg() function on a text column. Tired of manually replacing bad characters in number fields and converting XLS to CSV to an import or loader utility, I cobbled together some JavaScript to do my […]

Fools Day

So, April first is always a good day to be a web programmer. You have the ability to apply changes almost instantly without pushing out a new software package or whatever and you get to do something stupid to annoy people. So, I took it upon myself to turn our intranet home page upside down with a wee bit of style, CSS style. The snippet of style follows and here is a link to a […]