Bootstrap Database Dashboard Mock-ups

I have been working on mock-ups of a database health dashboard. The idea is to get a quick glimpse at database health and quickly identify where to start looking for problems. The goal of each design is to contain the same information but present it in the most informative and easily-accessible manner. This first design contains too much text and doesn’t convey severity as clearly as a more graphical solution. The second design still needs […]

Resume with Bootstrap and Google Chart APIs on GitHub

I have changed my infographic resume to use Bootstrap along with the Google Chart APIs and then created a repo for it on GitHub. The new resume is available here. All of this was done in a Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine running Fedora 19 with the 3.13.5-101 64-bit kernel. The document was created using nano and the repository was created, committed and pushed using git commands in a terminal window. Yes, I have a passion […]

Infographic Resume with Google Charts API

I find the concept of an infographic resume fascinating and quite possibly the most revolutionary idea in resumes since laser printing. So, I have created my first i-resume using the Google Charts API. As a web developer, using a Google API to create a resume makes sense. As a candidate with a long history of database administration, I needed something sublime and not flamboyant. I think I may have gone too sublime on this first […] Makes Your LinkedIn Look Good

If you have decades of experience, it can be difficult to represent the depth of your knowledge on a resume without boring the reader to sleep. Infographic resumes bridge the gap between the proverbial 1,000 words for a picture and the time constraints of a hiring manager. is a Toronto-based startup that uses your LinkedIn information to create an infographic resume. If you’ve been looking for an edge in the job market, this may […]