CouchDB on Suse VM in Azure For Less Than $100/month (Part 4 of 5)

This is the fourth part of the series and covers a few performance tweaks to improve data ingestion. Introduction Goals Cheap, Fast, Reliable Eventual Consistency Installation Create VM Installs SSH Security Capture VM Client Code Create Databases Create Benchmark/Testing Code Create Views Start Replication Cron Jobs Performance Tweaks stale=update_after CouchDB local.ini mods Mapping Data Aggregate Heat Map Live Map   4. Performance Tweaks In addition to using cron jobs to maintaining database performance, a few changes […]

CouchDB on Suse VM in Azure For Less Than $100/month (Part 5 of 5)

In this final post of the series, the design views in CouchDB will be used to populate heat maps and show near real-time device location. The code for the maps is hosted at GitHub ( The mapping code uses the following libraries: heatmap.js v2.0.0 by Patrick Wied (, LeafletJS ( SimpleHeat ( jQuery This post will not discuss the code used to produce the heat maps but will show how the pages render in the browser. Introduction […]

A Narrative Cover Letter

Greetings, Demonstrating 20 years of experience in web development can sound a bit like reading from a bowl of alphabet soup. Instead of ladling soup out for you, I submit this narrative cover letter. I have worked with HTML since before the toddler markup language pulled itself up on tables. I have helped Javascript work through its differences with various browsers since the initial “compatibility” issues between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. DOM is a […]

Quick Tip: CouchDB-Lucene Function for Indexing Arrays and Attachments

CouchDB-Lucene is a powerful search engine that can index CouchDB documents and attachments. The example below indexes a database that contains documents from an imaginary items catalog. Each item in the catalog has parts that make up the item. Each part has a part name and part number. Each item document can also have attachments such as MS-Word documents that contain instructions or user manuals or engineering diagrams. For example, an item might be a cell phone which contains […]