Oracle Identity Management SSO with Active Directory Import Map

While there are many great articles available online for installing and setting up Oracle Identity Management (OIM) with Active Directory (AD) integration, one topic many posts fail to cover is the map file which tells OIM how to handle records from AD. The fact that many AD installations are far from LDAP-compliant only serves to compound frustrations with setting up Single Sign-On (SSO). This post covers a few of my findings from a recent encounter […]

Quick Tip: Oracle REGEXP_REPLACE

I’ve always thought of regular expressions as party tricks used at a Magna Cum Laude party at MIT. I still do. Regular expressions are a mystery wrapped in enigma and set in a field shrouded in a thick mental fog. Unfortunately, I occasionally need to venture into that party in the foggy field to retrieve a domain name from a URL for example. select REGEXP_REPLACE(‘’,’.+:\/\/([^/]+).*’, ‘\1’) from dual You can also do this in JavaScript… […]

Quick Tip: Getting EXP to Shut Up

Today I found out that what I thought was standard output from Oracle’s export utility, exp, is actually error output. In trying to get exp to run quietly in the background while I continue to use the shell, I tried running “exp silent=y &” and I still got all the wonderful exporting this table and exporting that object. On a +160GB database, that takes a while and is a bit annoying. So, I tried running […]

Using a DBLink in Oracle to Connect to an IBM DB2 Database

I’ve been working with Oracle since version 8.0 and have wanted to be able to select * from some.table@db2 within Oracle since version 8.0. The technology has existed but it was never easy enough for me. There were heterogeneous services which sounds pleasant but I never could get it to work. So, I’ve worked through 8i, 9i, 10g and finally 11g. In 11g I’ve finally made the connection. Literally.

Log Mining in Oracle 10g

If you ever had to perform log mining in Oracle prior to 10g, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and fast it is in 10g. After using 10g for several years, I finally got a chance to use log miner in 10g. Until now, flashback queries were always enough to recover errant deletes and updates.  Allow me to explain.