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Quick Tip: Getting EXP to Shut Up


Today I found out that what I thought was standard output from Oracle’s export utility, exp, is actually error output. In trying to get exp to run quietly in the background while I continue to use the shell, I tried running “exp silent=y &” and I still got all the wonderful exporting this table and exporting that object. On a +160GB database, that takes a while and is a bit annoying. So, I tried running “exp > output.txt &” to pipe the output to a file. No luck.
Finally, I learned that “command > file” in Linux writes standard output to file and is really just a short cut for “command 1> file.” So, I used “exp 2> output.txt &” and nothing. Beautiful nothing. No pages and pages of scrolling output. I’m not sure why all that informational output can’t be turned off in the command line or why it’s sent out in the error output stream. Enjoy.

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