Intro: SSO for EBS R12

There are four essential components to enabling Active Directory (AD) logins to Oracle EBS R12 including: Identity Management (IDM), Unified┬áDirectory (OUD), Access Manager (OAM) and Access Manager WebGate. Only the WebGate is installed on the EBS application tier. IDM uses Directory Integration Platform (DIP)┬áto integrate AD users into OUD. OAM handles requests from the WebGate on EBS to authenticate AD users in OUD. IDM, OUD and OAM each require a WebLogic server (WLS). If all […]

Create Table DDL from Oracle to MS-SQL

So you want to create some tables in Microsoft SQL based on tables that exist in Oracle? The Microsoft SQL Migration Assistant (MSSMA) can help, but it’s a bit tedious and if you have triggers on your tables, MSSMA will create rowid columns in SQL that don’t really exist in Oracle except as pseudo-columns used to indicate where data is stored in a file on disk which is subject to change. I will cover a […]

Oracle Identity Management SSO with Active Directory Import Map

While there are many great articles available online for installing and setting up Oracle Identity Management (OIM) with Active Directory (AD) integration, one topic many posts fail to cover is the map file which tells OIM how to handle records from AD. The fact that many AD installations are far from LDAP-compliant only serves to compound frustrations with setting up Single Sign-On (SSO). This post covers a few of my findings from a recent encounter […]