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Intro: SSO for EBS R12

There are four essential components to enabling Active Directory (AD) logins to Oracle EBS R12 including:

  • Identity Management (IDM),
  • Unified Directory (OUD),
  • Access Manager (OAM) and
  • Access Manager WebGate.

Only the WebGate is installed on the EBS application tier. IDM uses Directory Integration Platform (DIP) to integrate AD users into OUD. OAM handles requests from the WebGate on EBS to authenticate AD users in OUD.

IDM, OUD and OAM each require a WebLogic server (WLS). If all three are installed on one VM or physical server, three WebLogic homes will be required. All three homes require patches. The OUD home will require installing ADF for the Oracle Directory Server Management (ODSM) website. Additionally, OAM requires an Oracle database.

I have deployed IDM, OUD and OAM on a single VM running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo) using the kernel 3.8.13-98.7.1.el7uek.x86_64 with 32GB RAM, 100GB HDD in /opt for the installation and 4 CPU cores. While several documents on Metalink will assist with installing and configuring these components, I could not find a single document to use from start to finish. However, my primary resource document is: Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2 (Doc ID 2003483.1). The Metalink document also references the IDM documentation starting with the installation roadmap:

While there are several discussions surrounding the use of OUD instead of Oracle Internet Directory (OID), my research suggests that going forward, OID will be deprecated in favor of OUD. The key difference for EBS SSO being that OUD is only certified for use with EBS 12.2. Since there is no upgrade path for OID to OUD, I will provide a few scripts to extract the necessary information from the FND_USER table, OID and OUD to link EBS users with OUD entries.

The following steps are required:

  1. Install Java
  2. Create Fusion MiddleWare (FMW) Homes
  3. Install WLS  for IDM
  4. Install WLS for OUD
  5. Patch WLS Homes
  6. Install IDM
  7. Install OUD
  8. Configure OUD
  9. Add ADF
  10. Add ODSM
  11. Configure IDM for DIP
  12. Configure DIP
  13. Install database for OAM
  14. Install WLS for OAM
  15. Patch WLS for OAM
  16. Install OAM
  17. Deploy WebGate on EBS

It is my intention to compose a series of articles covering these steps in groups:

  1. Installing and Patching WLS
  2. Installing IDM
  3. Installing and Configuring OUD
  4. Configuring IDM and DIP
  5. Installing and Configuring OAM
  6. Deploying WebGate

To get started, I recommend installing Java, downloading all of the installers and patches required and ensuring that startx is available for the GUI installers.

The JDK 7u80 rpm, jre-7u80-linux-x64.rpm, is available at:

The WLS 10.3.6 installer is available at:

WLS Download
Download Generic WLS 10.3.6

The IDM installer is available in two files at:

Download the Linux x86_64 files.
Download the Linux x86_64 Disk 1 and 2 files.

The OUD download is a single file available at:

Download File 1 of OUD
Download File 1 of OUD

There are several patches required for all three WebLogic homes that must be acquired from Metalink:

  • p13114768_1036
  • p13964737_1036
  • p14174803_1036
  • p14404715_1036
  • p14482558_1036
  • p14809365_1036
  • p15865825_1036
  • p16844206_1036
  • p17938462_1036
  • p18398295_1036

The download for ADF is available at:

Download ADF Runtime
Download ADF Runtime

There are three files to download for IAM available at:

Download Three IAM files
Download Three IAM files

For IAM, Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production is required and available at:


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