Ping Response Time in with Bootstrap Style

I recently began my foray into with a small project at work. Part of the project displays the ping response time. To accomplish this, I wanted to show the response time and use Bootstrap progress bars to indicate slow response times. In ColdFusion/Railo, this is simple enough with CFIF. However, in the code-behind world of things are a bit more complicated. As a counterpoint ColdFusion doesn’t have a ping function baked in; even […]


Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in the world of IT has realized that we live in a world of alphabet soup. Filename extensions are just the start – from .asp to .zip. Then there are protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP and FTP. There’s an abbreviation for nearly everything and if the abbreviation doesn’t slow you down, the names of the technologies should. Fedora is not just a style of hat. Flash is not […]

Resume with Bootstrap and Google Chart APIs on GitHub

I have changed my infographic resume to use Bootstrap along with the Google Chart APIs and then created a repo for it on GitHub. The new resume is available here. All of this was done in a Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine running Fedora 19 with the 3.13.5-101 64-bit kernel. The document was created using nano and the repository was created, committed and pushed using git commands in a terminal window. Yes, I have a passion […]