SQL Server: Kill All the SPIDs

Sometimes, we need to take a SQL Server database offline. After notifying the users and giving them plenty of warning, they leave connections to the database – some connections are SLEEPING or AWAITING COMMAND, others have select statements that have been running for over four hours. I use the following sql to kill off all of the remaining user sessions on a database. Just change the YOURDATABASE text to the name of your database and […]

BI Publisher Report Shows ‘No Data Found’

A report in Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise v11.1.1 returned “No data found.” for all elements in the report when viewed by guests and administrative users. The report used several data sources and only worked for the sysman user. The problem data source turned out to be the default data source, EMREPOS, which stores all of the Oracle Enterprise Manager data and for this installation is also the BI Publisher repository. EMREPOS is a hidden data […]

Intro: SSO for EBS R12

There are four essential components to enabling Active Directory (AD) logins to Oracle EBS R12 including: Identity Management (IDM), Unified Directory (OUD), Access Manager (OAM) and Access Manager WebGate. Only the WebGate is installed on the EBS application tier. IDM uses Directory Integration Platform (DIP) to integrate AD users into OUD. OAM handles requests from the WebGate on EBS to authenticate AD users in OUD. IDM, OUD and OAM each require a WebLogic server (WLS). If all […]

This Blog is NOT Dead

In case you were wondering, I am still here. I have been busy with an Oracle EBS upgrade to R12.2 for the past year. While there has been a drought of articles here, I have several in progress for installing and integrating the new Oracle Universal Directory (OUD) with Oracle Directory Integration Platform (ODIP) and R12.2 EBS to allow users to login with Active Directory (AD) credentials. I hope to have those articles ready in […]